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When budgets are tight and competition is fierce, you need to be sure you're choosing a competent translator. But in an unregulated industry where literally anyone can set themselves up as a web-based translator, how can you be sure they're the 'real thing'?

You could ask them how many years experience they have. Obviously a translator who has worked for several years is going to be far better equipped to produce high quality work than someone who's only been around for a few months.

Experience of working on leading brand names is also a bonus. After all, if their translations have been given the thumbs up by some of the top marketing professionals in the business, then it's got to be worth using them for your own business!

When choosing a translator, it's vital to choose someone who has also worked in the real world: not all translators have. Which is like letting your next-door neighbour fix your washing machine: it's risky and does not guarantee the kind of results you want.

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Why us?