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Quality. Aren't all translators much the same?
These are just some of the many brand names we've worked on:

Aldi - aleo solar - Audi - Austrian Post - BASF - Bertelsmann - BMW - BMW MINI - Conergy - Conrad Electronics - Credit Suisse - DaimlerChrysler - DHL - Dorset Cereals - Gillette Gruppe Deutschland - Grayling Public Relations - Ikea - Kohtes Klewes - Langnese - Leica - Lintas - Lexus Schweiz - Lufthansa Systems - McCann Ericsson - NEC Mitsubishi Europe - Nestle - PV Magazine - Reckitt & Coleman - Roche - Siemens - Sony Music Germany - Swiss Post - Swiss Railways (SBB) - Telekom Austria - Tetrapak - Timesys - Tiscali - Tom's Hardware - UBS - Volkswagen

We are also an approved supplier to the Ministry of Defence in the UK.
The Team
Why us?
Unfortunately, no. Nowadays literally anyone can claim to be a translator on the internet. And they do. We know, because companies often ask us to 'revise' translations written by other 'translators'. Many don't even have English as their native language, let alone the ability to write strong, fluid copy.

How your business describes itself is critical to its success. Your translations say a lot about you because they reflect the quality standards of your organization. High quality translations can therefore help you to stand out from the competition, so boosting your company's image and sales.

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. There are no short cuts and no silver bullets. If you want your translated materials to shine, you need to use an experienced translator who cares enough to properly craft your English-language texts.

Because idiom and usage change so rapidly, there is a very strong case for using a translator working in the country for which usage is intended.