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95 percent of our work is repeat business
Our customers keep coming back - so we must be doing something right. Some have been with us for over ten years! That's because we know their products, their markets and we understand their marketing strategies. And we have the linguistic expertise necessary to deliver continuity in the register, style and language they use to address their customers.

Some of the benefits we offer:

• Our two company partners are graduates with degrees in languages from prestige UK universities and years of experience in business, commerce and education both in the UK and in Germany. Combined, we offer a wealth of unique expertise in a wide – although not unlimited – range of fields

• We're not an agency, which means all the translating is done by people you know. There's no risk of your work being delegated to a junior translator or outsourced to someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

• We restrict ourselves to subject areas and industries that we understand. We don't accept medical translations, for example. Nor will we subcontract this kind of work because we do not consider ourselves qualified to judge the quality of the finished article.

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